Author: Mary Wetherbee

  • Arizona

    Photo journal from a recent trip to Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, and Sedona.

  • Dear 21,

    It’s finally time to stop looking back, where my writing and thoughts have so often been directed, pulled from, curated. There is something comforting about the past: it is finished. November is passing as fast as the leaves are falling off the trees. Time to take care of myself and fall back into the rhythm […]

  • This is water.

    18 x 24″ Paper cutout drawing backed with colored construction paper. Meditative art piece.

  • Quarantine, Reimagined

    I spent more than 50 days of quarantine in Italy. I struggled everyday with my own existence in a place so empty to me, so foreign that even words felt cumbersome. I was living and working in the home of a family that spoke Italian. Even my thoughts betrayed me as I guiltily redirected them […]

  • 3D cardboard relief

    18″ x 18″ relief inspired by the work of M. C. Escher. I focused on applying the idea of “activated” vs “implied” space. Applied space is when the meaning is given to the viewer, whereas implied space is when meaning is inferred by the context of the surrounding shapes. Taking up the middle, rectangular prisms […]

  • Light and Windows During Quarantine

    I often find myself between a place of home vs stepping outside, travelling, and the discomfort that comes with it.  As I stayed and worked for a family in Rome during quarantine surrounded by Italian, I navigated this intersection: both trying to make a home there living in discomfort and the unknown.  My window outside […]

  • After-effect

    These days I have been seeing Rome; having flashbacks to a city in another part of the world as I’m living my life here. Quarantine was spent there. Two months between the same walls day and night non-stop. Seeing gray. Forgetting color, except for the occasional grocery excursion.