Shores of Sorcery is a strategic board game set in a world of magical islands, each containing one or two special cards vital to the magic life of each island. These cards are able to be passed down to the sorcerer who can prove themselves worthy of the additional powers through strategy and a bit of luck.  On a turn, players have the option to move around the board, increase their magical skills, or try and win cards. Each island has its own game tile and a corresponding card that represents creatures, plants, and characters vital to the magic that each island carries. 

Cards are worth different amounts of points and take different amounts of magic skill within five types of power to attempt to win the card.  The board comes with 17 tile pieces, two affixed to the board. There is a central island with an inner and outer ring of islands. The outermost ring rotates after every player has taken their turn in that round. The goal is to gain as much influence as possible before the game ends, which is nine rounds or one full rotation of the outermost ring of islands. After the nine turns the total amount of magical power gained by each player is summed and the player with the most points wins.


  1. Playtesting game-seeing which pieces need to be added/placement of cards and items seeing how big cards/players should be, 
  2. Researching game themes and how to translate them to contemporary illustrations -are the islands land or cloud-type
  3. Making the rules more understandable and engaging


Inspired by the Earthsea series, the author of the book, Ursula Le Guin criticizes “what she described as the general assumption in fantasy that characters should be white and the society should resemble the Middle Ages.”


  • Rotating map board
  • 3d character pieces
  • Cards that give you different powers
  • Card description sheet
  • Score sheet
  • Rule book (possibly in two languages)
  • Box