I am the sun

I am the sun,

And I walk with a sweetness in my soul

That catches in water pools

Or on red cheeks

And I smile

As the day ends 

I turn buildings to gold

My uncommonly beautiful silhouette

across the wall 

They watch me stand with a calmness of breath,

I am lost in brilliance, sometimes

At the bottom of pits and prying through cracks in doors

Conformed by the shapes that surround me,

Yet I’m curious.

The people have been waiting for me.

The way I bounce off of blue waves in rainbows

Playing between eyes of lovers,

Descending slowly to pink clouds, 

And losing color,


I am the sun,

Bringing an easiness in the mornings

Opening leaves to illuminate their inner workings

A little magic brushed upon

And carried by the passersby

Into the new sunlight.