il rapporto

a writing from August 3rd

I should start writing, and paying closer attention to how I begin becoming acquainted with a language and culture, the two are inseparable, I believe.  I’m starting to normalize the language, the sounds, the lilting syllables, extended for emphasis, sometimes the tones that sound almost whiney, because it’s so expressive, and the deep booming sounds like that of incantations. Every sentence with a destination, and the tones in a perfect match. In some ways I feel like I’m more advanced in the language, but in other ways I’m on my knees.  I can speak, but when there’s an opportunity it confounds me, and I can’t find the words that I’d so easily speak softly to myself as I walked and explored the city. I’m beginning to understand where to put emphasis, where to create tone and be expressive when I’m feeling it.