Rejoice: a celebration of the body and soul

What I love about a blind contour, or even a continuous line drawing is that you have to look at the body without allowing your perceptions or imagination to dictate what you see. 

Rejoice I

You’re really noticing the body and it’s little idiosyncrasies and trying to depict it on paper, and it ends up looking like a lot of scribbles but the nature of the scribbles is that they’re moving, like a living breathing human being, and you can pick out the little details that are unique to each. 

Rejoice II

The body always changing, being sculpted, lifted, sagged, hunched as it moves, as it’s breathing changes and as it has different thoughts, and emotions.  Blind contour will inevitably be imperfect, which is what I love about it, because it captures more of a feeling, the soul of something. You never know what you will see when you look down at the page in front of you after you’re finished.

Rejoice III