Remaking my grandmother’s dress

Last Christmas, my grandmother was getting rid of old fabric and sheets, so she asked if I wanted to look through the large bag.

Without hesitation I agreed. I love the sentimental value attached to anything hand me down, and it would give me an opportunity to practice sewing without worrying about the cost of fabric. Not to mention there was sure to be fun designs on them.

The particular fabric I used for this outfit was from my grandmother’s old Easter dress that she had hand sewn in her youth. A few years ago she had made me a skirt from the same material. I remember seeing it as more than just a skirt, I imagined it as a romper, or even a mini dress. Somehow I didn’t think a skirt couldn’t do the fabric justice.

But when I saw the remains of her Easter dress in the stash of fabric, I took it home without question.

It was just yesterday that I finally got around to recreating it. Although it did take some courage to take apart a hand made dress.

I love how versatile it is; how it can be worn together, adjusted to look like a dress, or it can be worn separately.

I love the fact that it is something remade and reworn, and every time I wear it I’ll be reminded of my grandmother.

Photography & Styling by me